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Top 10 Reasons Why I Should Be A Dead Body In A Movie Or On A TV Show As America's Favorite Dead Body

    10. I have fair skin. "Ever see a corpse with a good tan?"

      9. I am bald. "Any wig will fit me"

      8. I have no tattoos. "So people can't say I know that guy"

      7. I am not a star. "No salary negotiations"

      6. It will be great publicity. "Helping a guy live his dream"

      5. I have many friends. "More people will see the movie"

      4. I can play many different dead people "Cowboy, mafia, gang, business man"

      3. I am average size "6'0".....220lbs."

      2. I have no freckles, warts or ugly things on my body.

      1. NO HAIR ON MY BACK!!!!! "No one wants to see that! Even on a dead body"

These are just the top 10 reasons why you should hire me to play a dead body in your next project! As you can see I personally fit all the criteria for a great dead body! Shooting a horror movie? I'm your guy! Planning a true crime tv show and need reenactors for an injury scene? I can do that!

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