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Sometimes you just have to let off steam. This is the place.

A very special rant.........

Saying goodbye to someone very special

I met my wife and soulmate in 2000. I was divorced, had SIX KIDS, in between jobs and lived in a shack for a house. Don't get me wrong, it was clean and had nice furnituire, but you darn sure wouldn't want to "entertain" there.

Still, My new friend (and that's all we were at the time) decided to take up my offer to come over and watch a wrestling Pay Per View at my humble little house. I had already warned her about the 3 kids still at home so she thought it would only be suiting to let me know she intended on bringing a 'friend' with her.

I took it in stride being it's our first time together without a chaperone. Little did I know her 'friend' was about 75 pounds at the time and would tear you apart just by raising your arm to HUG Tonya! She was only 6 months old and her name was Tango.

What beautiful creatures they BOTH WERE. Both nice , beautiful, friendly and quiet but you knew underneath they were watching ever move everyone was making and evaluating the situation.

Tango from day one was 'Momma's girl' I was kind of like her playmate or toy, but she lived and breathed for Tonya. She was a stickler for the rules and she made sure the rules in our house were never broken. No hitting of any kind to any person. No yelling. No one walks into the house without ONE OF US letting them in And most of all, no one walks past Tango without rubbing her belly.

Here's a quick story or two to show you how smart she really was. Tonya and I were both sitting in front of the fireplace reading. Tango was ringing a bell we had hanging from our door that she would ring when she wanted to go potty. She started that herself to let us know she had to go out. She had rang the bell about 4 times and I kept telling her no because she just came back in about 15 minutes prior. So on the fourth ring, I did this special VERY LOUD whistle I can do that can be heard from at least a football field away. After I did that whistle, Tango came directly in from the door, looked right at me, GRUNTED LOUDLY and slapped me with her paw as to say "Don't EVER whistle that loud again. LOL"

Another time was when she was teaching me to open the door to let her out when she rang. No kidding. She came up with this herself and then taught me. I was doing work at my computer and she rang the bell. "NO" I said, I'm busy. She rang it again. "NO TANGO" I said more sternly this time. Then she waited about two minutes and started barking wildly at the door like someone was there. Naturally I got and opened the door to see who was there. When i opened the door, Tango rang the bell, smiled and walked outside.

There are so many stories I could write, but I'll just let you all know that she was a very special member of our family. She was 6 months old when Tonya introuced me to her. We all had 12 great years with Tango and she still lives on in our hearts.

We still miss her every day. It's funny how an animal can bring out the best in you. Just imagine this: Aminals have brains much smaller than humans but can show amazing love, trust and loyalty to someone. Yet, the smartest animal on Earth, man cannot.

That tells me that Love is instinctive and hate is TAUGHT.

Love ya'll
"Dead Body Guy"

2005 DeadBodyGuy.com